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See Ya Next Time, Summer. A Market Reflection.

Doesn’t the first cold front of fall always just feel so glorious? Texans will tell you that 85 degrees Fahrenheit...

2 min read

Get to Know Ben Steed

In many ways, Ben Steed personifies what it means to be an entrepreneur. He was born and grew up in Henrietta, Texas,...

3 min read

How to Purchase Power in a Bull Market

One of the most common questions clients ask when purchasing electricity or natural gas is, “How much money will this...

3 min read

'Yes, And...' Improve Meetings with Improv

Even prior to the last 18-months of social distancing frustrations and video call exhaustion, most organizations...

2 min read

Buckle Up for RDM Charges in NYC

Con Edison electricity customers have likely noticed a significant increase in delivery costs over the last 12 months....

2 min read

Illinois Goes Green and Clean

Illinois Passes Nation-Leading Climate and Equitable Jobs Act

On September 15, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed...

3 min read

Gas Prices Surge on Foreign Demand

Have you ever believed the energy market myth that natural gas prices are always cheaper during the fall and spring?


5 min read

Winterizing the Texas DR Program

In ERCOT, energy users with “flexible loads” (i.e., folks that can dial back electricity usage on short notice) have a...

2 min read

There is no “i” in 5

Since 5’s humble beginnings, we have continuously challenged conventional wisdom and explored alternative paths to...

Irving Convention Center

The Irving Convention Center represents the future of meetings and events space complete with unique architecture, vertical design and interior finishes that create a new niche in the marketplace. By partnering with the team at 5, the client drastically reduced energy costs on their supply agreement, securing 50% of the load through a renewable energy purchase, while also uncovering new funding sources for an energy efficiency project and cutting additional demand side costs.



Life at 5 - Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw shares his journey to 5 which originated from his relentless desire to innovate and automate. As 5's Lead Code Buster, Matt pioneered the creation of Level5, our industry leading technology that allows clients and employees to experience energy decision making in a new and meaningful way. Thanks to leaders like Matt, 5 continues to push the boundaries of what's possible while helping others to do the same.





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