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Baby, it's (Not) Cold Outside

At the end of last month, the news was buzzing about the newly discovered Omicron variant. On the last day of trading...

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Santa's Clear Path to More Green in NYC

New York City’s electricity is primarily generated by fossil fuel-fired power plants which typically produce higher...

3 min read

Energy Transition in PJM

On December 15, 2021, PJM released the initial findings of a multiphase, multiyear "living study" that captures the...

4 min read

An Outstanding Amount of Reform

To say that 2021 was a challenge for energy practitioners in Texas is a serious understatement. Certainly, 2020 was...

2 min read

Client Spotlight: The Highlands School

The Highlands School, located in Irving, Texas, has been educating and forming future leaders since the school’s...

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Renewable Natural Gas is Garbage (Literally)

Natural gas, also commonly referred to by its chemical name, methane, is one of the single most controversial topics...

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Get to Know Andrew Bogage

Andrew Bogage is an Energy Advisor who helps clients find comprehensive solutions for their ongoing energy needs. Meet...

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5X – Celebrating Our First 10

As our company recently celebrated 10 years of industry-changing impact, the entire team presented the Founding 5ers...

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Beyond Zero: A Sustainability Gamechanger

“If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” Ray Anderson, Founder of Interface.

Throughout the evolution of any great...

Irving Convention Center

The Irving Convention Center represents the future of meetings and events space complete with unique architecture, vertical design and interior finishes that create a new niche in the marketplace. By partnering with the team at 5, the client drastically reduced energy costs on their supply agreement, securing 50% of the load through a renewable energy purchase, while also uncovering new funding sources for an energy efficiency project and cutting additional demand side costs.



Life at 5 - Taylor Duncan

Taylor Duncan, Head of Sales and VP of Growth and Development, shares her experience as a business leader and a mother and how 5 provides her with the room to excel in both areas simultaneously.



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