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12 min read

July 2021 - Quarterly Market Letter

On behalf of the team at 5, I am pleased to forward our market letter for the second quarter of 2021. The unusual...

4 min read

Culture is Key in Mergers and Acquisitions

How did Luthin Associates successfully assimilate into 5?

We found ourselves reflecting on the successful integration...

1 min read

Get to Know Guy Brooks

Guy Brooks is an Account Manager who works with and supports many clients in the New York City area. Learn how his...

1 min read

A Website Worth Experiencing

This month we are talking about the exciting launch of our enhanced website! This new experience combines the...

4 min read

Austin Delivers Lots of Bills but Little Relief

Ever since Winter Storm Uri devastated Texas in February, politicians in Austin began to debate what went wrong and...

5 min read

Natural Gas Fundamentals, Not Fun at the Moment

NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas prices continue the strong rally that began in March with a persistent increase in prices...

2 min read

How to Manage Summer Peak Demand

It comes as no surprise to energy managers that their electric bills are often the highest during the summer months....

4 min read

Delayed Auction, Worth the Wait

The big news story this summer in PJM has been the auction that set the price for capacity for the period of June 2022...

2 min read

NY is Unclear About Nuclear

The State of New York may be a microcosm of our nation’s energy past and future. New York has been trying to balance...

Irving Convention Center

The Irving Convention Center represents the future of meetings and events space complete with unique architecture, vertical design and interior finishes that create a new niche in the marketplace. By partnering with the team at 5, the client drastically reduced energy costs on their supply agreement, securing 50% of the load through a renewable energy purchase, while also uncovering new funding sources for an energy efficiency project and cutting additional demand side costs.



Life at 5 - Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw shares his journey to 5 which originated from his relentless desire to innovate and automate. As 5's Lead Code Buster, Matt pioneered the creation of Level5, our industry leading technology that allows clients and employees to experience energy decision making in a new and meaningful way. Thanks to leaders like Matt, 5 continues to push the boundaries of what's possible while helping others to do the same.





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