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Can NYC Go All-Electric?

The All-Electric Building Act, known as New York S6843C, has died on the proverbial vine without getting a vote from...

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Client Spotlight: Xpressdocs

Xpressdocs was founded nearly 25 years ago as an innovator in marketing technology solutions and helps clients build...

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Get to Know Marisa Streett

Meet 5's Inside Sales Representative, Marisa Streett. She is a member of the SMB (Small/Medium Business) Team that...

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Gimme Three Steps to Zero Emissions

A greenhouse gas (GHG) is any gas in the atmosphere that absorbs thermal energy (heat) emitted from the earth’s...

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The Fall of Near-Term Prices

Over the last year, forward electricity prices in ERCOT have continued to climb and set new highs every month. Figure...

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Recent Events Cause Gas Correction

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, from 10:00 AM to about 12:00 PM CDT, the July contract for NYMEX Henry Hub was trading...

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The Limitations of Unlimited Time Off

Sometime during the recent work-from-home transition, I came to view our unlimited time off policy differently. From...

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Record Lows for Capacity Auction

On June 21, 2022, PJM posted the results of its capacity auction, also known as the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM),...

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What does SARA think?

A Review of ERCOT's Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy report for Summer 2022

The Seasonal Assessment of...

Irving Convention Center

The Irving Convention Center represents the future of meetings and events space complete with unique architecture, vertical design and interior finishes that create a new niche in the marketplace. By partnering with the team at 5, the client drastically reduced energy costs on their supply agreement, securing 50% of the load through a renewable energy purchase, while also uncovering new funding sources for an energy efficiency project and cutting additional demand side costs.



Life at 5 - Taylor Duncan

Taylor Duncan, Head of Sales and VP of Growth and Development, shares her experience as a business leader and a mother and how 5 provides her with the room to excel in both areas simultaneously.



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