Project Financing

“Having worked for both suppliers and consultants throughout my career in deregulated energy, I can say with certainty that no company is better equipped to provide proactive solutions to clients that are objective, accurate, and actionable.”

- Jeff Shoaf, Vice President, 5

While energy efficiency upgrades are necessary and contribute to a company’s sustainability goals, the capital expenses associated with these improvements can be prohibitive. Solar arrays and other sustainability-related projects can also have significant upfront costs with a lengthy Return on Investment (ROI) that does not always appeal to clients. Many consumers want to implement energy-related projects that are good for their operations and the environment, but struggle to find the right financing mechanisms to put them in motion.

5 works with clients to identify and overcome project financing barriers through several different means. One potential solution is on-bill financing where capital is supplied and repaid through regular payments of an electricity bill. Other options include, but are not limited to, capitalizing on government and municipal incentives, subsidies, and their associated tax credits. There are also creative lease arrangements, especially with solar projects, that can significantly reduce initial capital costs. Additionally, many states, retail suppliers, and utilities offer a variety of programs, grants, rebates, and incentives to help businesses to initiate and complete energy-related projects with minimal upfront costs and favorable ROIs.

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