Power Quality


“We found a great partner in 5 to help us manage the district’s energy costs. Their team has helped us with everything from electricity procurement to identifying power factor correction opportunities. We are grateful for this relationship, which has paid dividends to both the school district and the communities we serve.”

- Adam Rich, Executive Director for Facilities Services, Killeen ISD

Some clients are plagued with power quality issues where the supply of electricity has been interrupted and power is lost outside of an outage. When these clients experience issues with power quality, the impacts to their businesses can be devastating, including equipment failure, software corruption, data errors, and extended downtimes. Not only is it frustrating for clients who struggle to find the source of their power quality issues, many clients feel ignored or unimportant as they attempt to solve issues with the local utility.

5 assists clients in determining and addressing power quality issues as part of a comprehensive approach to energy management. The diagnosis of any issue starts with the combination of usage data analytics and client discovery meetings. Typically, clients have already narrowed down potential causes but may lack the industry knowledge and proper utility contacts to begin the correction process. 5 helps with the diagnosis and articulation of power quality issues while also advocating for the client in meetings with the utility. Furthermore, the analysts at 5 produce financial models for clients to utilize when making capital expenditure decisions related to the existing quality issues.

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