State & Local Incentives

“We found a great partner in 5 to help us manage the district’s energy costs. Their team has helped us with everything from electricity procurement to identifying power factor correction opportunities. We are grateful for this relationship, which has paid dividends to both the school district and the communities we serve.”

- Adam Rich, Executive Director for Facilities Services, Killeen ISD

State and local energy-related incentives vary significantly across the country, just as the rules and regulations that dictate the way natural gas and electricity are bought and sold are different in each state and utility. Every state has its own public utility commission and unique incentives that often reflect the energy policies of that state. Some states, such as New York, have public entities whose sole purpose is to support and fund a wide array of energy-related projects and incentives.

Fun fact: In the states of Texas, Illinois, and New York, there are more than 270 incentives and policies related to energy efficiency projects and sustainability. The bad news is that each state is different and many clients lack the time or resources to identify the incentives that are best for their business, leaving available funds on the table instead of putting them to use. The good news is that with the right help there are many opportunities to apply for these incentives. 

5 works closely with clients to identify the state and local incentives that best fit their business and verify eligibility. 5 also collaborates with clients to make the incentive application process less intimidating, while also ensuring compliance with necessary reporting and documentation after the incentive has been awarded.

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