“As consumers continue to demand products that espouse eco-friendliness, McLean Packaging is proud to play our part in providing packaging with as small a carbon footprint as possible – from power sourcing to materials.”

- Jeff Besnick, Vice President, McLean Packaging

The term decarbonization refers to the elimination of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonization is the biggest issue confronting energy consumers today as it is difficult to achieve aggressive corporate targets while maintaining reliability without breaking the bank. There are countless ways that a client can reduce their carbon footprint on its journey to decarbonization.

5 works with clients to establish realistic, timebound targets. Next, 5 helps the client identify the most impactful and cost-effective ways to maximize energy efficiency. Then 5 implements a renewable energy purchasing strategy, which may include options such as carbon offset credits which create their own set of unique environmental claims around a goal of “net-zero emissions.” 5 also identifies technologies and process improvements to increase electrification and decrease the client’s overall energy usage. Finally, 5 assists clients with their internal and external reporting needs related to decarbonization.

As a comprehensive energy advisor, 5 is uniquely positioned to assist clients with their entire decarbonization strategy.

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