Whole Health Energy Plan


“The Empire State Building has always served as a symbol of what is possible, and in the past decade that has extended to include leadership in healthy, sustainable buildings. To ensure that the ‘World’s Most Famous Building’ advances its clean-energy strategies and decarbonization leadership, we trust the advisory team at 5 and their comprehensive approach to the energy value chain, which includes procurement, local law compliance, financial modeling analysis, grid modeling, and renewable expertise.”

– Dana Robbins Schneider, Senior Vice President, Director of Energy, Sustainability & ESG, Empire State Realty Trust

For too long, clients and energy service companies have been approaching procurement, engineering, sustainability, and resiliency as separate decisions from one another when, in fact, a synchronous approach is necessary to minimize the undue risks and maximize the opportunities and benefits that come with deregulation. It is time to pivot away from the siloed decision-making of the past and start implementing customized, comprehensive, Whole Health Energy Plans.

This holistic approach to strategic energy management encompasses every part of the energy value chain, from initial construction through procurement and usage optimization, to complete grid independence, and everything in between. Each of the individual decisions made should be in concert with one another following the strategy and guidance of a full-scale energy advisory firm, like 5.

5 works closely with clients to provide the intellectual capital necessary to create a Whole Health Energy Plan that addresses some, or all, of the following:

  • Construction services and site selection, including design and equipment considerations

  • Energy efficiency projects and infrastructure upgrades, HVAC, lighting, and controls

  • Client usage analytics, benchmarking, budgeting, tariff, and tax auditing, local law reporting, EnergyStar, LEED, WELL Building, ASHRAE audits, and regulatory guidance

  • Bill data management, metering, and submetering

  • Customized procurement and ongoing product management

  • Demand response participation at the utility and/or ISO levels

  • Power factor correction, coincident peak management, load optimization, load resource programs

  • Renewable energy procurement, onsite solar, utility-scale solar, renewable retail contracts, RECs, PPAs, VPPAs, carbon offsets, decarbonization, wind energy, Green Hydrogen, and ESG master planning

  • Resiliency plans with a diverse set of options, including distributed generation, microgrids, battery storage, fuel cells, CHP, and more 

The specific details and programs included in any client’s Whole Health Energy Plan depend on a complex set of variables. That is why 5’s proven process starts with an in-depth review of the client’s operations and usage data along with a series of discovery meetings to best understand the client’s needs, risks, and opportunities. The agreed-upon plans must be farsighted, while also adjusting over time to fit the evolving needs of the client, the utilization of new technologies, and the ever-changing dynamics of the market.

A well-designed Whole Health Energy Plan reduces costs, improves resiliency, enhances sustainability, and ultimately creates a competitive edge for clients.

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