Wind Power

"Thousands of clients look to our team for procurement advice knowing we view everything through a risk management lens. In one recent example, we worked closely with Empire State Realty Trust, owners of the Empire State Building, to create a custom rate structure for all their New York properties. Our approach to energy, capacity, and contract language resulted in over $800,000 in savings in the first year alone when compared to traditional products."

- Taylor Duncan, Northeast Business Leader, 5

Wind power options have proven to be viable through economies of scale and therefore require large tracts of land and utility-scale efforts in order to achieve meaningful output. For clients looking to participate in wind power options for their business, there are relatively few paths to take.

First, clients can purchase the output from specific wind farm assets through a Virtual Purchase Power Agreement (VPPA). VPPAs are financial instruments that are typically structured as a contract for differences. The legal and financial risks associated with PPAs and VPPAs typically limit their applicability to larger energy consumers. On the other hand, the creation of Renewable Retail Contracts has provided access for businesses of all types and sizes to participate in the purchase of renewable energy that may include solar, wind, or other renewable power assets without the complexity of a PPA or VPPA.

5’s proven process uncovers opportunities for clients to achieve their renewable energy goals at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, 5 assists clients with understanding and sharing the impacts of their renewable energy purchases in order to share the good news and promote their sustainable business practices.

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