ReCharge NY

"We have an extensive history of helping clients to secure long term hydro power awards through ReCharge NY, one of New York State’s signature economic development initiatives. Our team was instrumental years ago in getting this program expanded to allow participation for nonprofits. With our assistance in both the application process and in the ongoing management of wider procurement efforts, many of our clients (both businesses and nonprofits) are accessing lower energy costs through NYPA and this program.”

- Ellen Northrup, Supervisor of Commodity Services, 5

ReCharge NY is a major economic development award in New York State where qualified businesses and non-profits can lower their electricity costs through low-cost power from the New York Power Authority (NYPA). NYPA, which owns and operates hydroelectric generation and other power plant assets throughout New York State, allocates electricity from these assets for businesses in exchange for maintaining or expanding their operations in the state. Qualifying companies and entities must apply for this NYPA allocation and subsequently, adhere to the commitments that accompany the award.

5 works with clients in New York State to submit their ReCharge NY application, in addition to helping each client understand the commitments they are making by participating in the program. If a ReCharge NY application is accepted, a portion of a client’s electricity usage will receive an NYPA hydropower allocation at a rate that is significantly lower than utility and market-based rates. A successful ReCharge NY allocation will materially decrease a client's electricity supply costs for the duration of the award. To date, 5 has a 100% success rate in receiving award allocations for our clients. 

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