ESG Implementation

“One of our core tenets is providing responsible, sustainable development. But we must also ensure that the energy needs of all of our tenants are addressed as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible. 5’s team helped us meet our goals on both of those fronts, as well as find innovative ways to achieve cost reductions in future Billingsley developments.”

-  Lucy Burns, Partner, Billingsley Company

The abbreviation, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. These three factors are used by many to measure the societal and environmental impact of an organization. And while we are enthusiasts for all things “Social” and “Governance” related, our real passion is directed towards the Environmental component and how organizations can become more environmentally responsible. A comprehensive ESG strategy should include a clear understanding and articulation of a company’s sustainability goals, buy-in from key stakeholders, established metrics, a roadmap for desired certifications, and a marketing plan for both internal and external messaging. Today, clients are under more pressure than ever from their customers, investors, and suppliers to help create a more sustainable future. This has forced many clients to figure out, on their own, how to create and implement an ESG strategy. Unfortunately, these strategies are often adopted without the proper planning or guidance.

5 works alongside a client’s key leaders, operators, and marketing teams to create realistic ESG goals and strategies and assist the client through its execution and assessment. Part of this process includes assistance with client certifications and credentials including LEED certifications, EnergyStar reporting, WELL Building assessments, ASHRAE audits, EPA Green Power Partnership, and more. ESG planning and implementation is the ultimate form of a comprehensive Whole Health Energy Plan provided by 5.

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