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“The Fort Worth Zoo is proud to partner with 5. Their team continues to make meaningful impacts on the zoo’s bottom line through their comprehensive approach to energy management.”

- Megan Deen, FCO, Fort Worth Zoo

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all energy contract. The goal of any client product development exercise is to optimize the client’s unique usage profile, ESG targets, financial goals, and resiliency needs in conjunction with market price and regulatory risk to determine the most favorable strategy. In addition to establishing contract timing and term length, the best procurement strategy also involves a complex review of many variables to determine the optimal product structure.

The robust backgrounds and experiences of the 5 team create a unique opportunity for clients at all levels to receive Fortune 100 product structuring advice. 5 takes the time to understand a client’s load profile and combines the insights from that data with the client’s goals, needs, and risk appetite as determined during the discovery process. Often, clients are not aware of the upside opportunities or inherent risks in the products they select. During major market events, including natural disasters and weather anomalies, clients can find themselves with more exposure to volatile commodities, like natural gas, than they had expected.

Unlike the transactional nature of most deregulated energy salespeople and brokers, 5’s process for product structuring and procurement is more customized and more comprehensive. 5 carefully listens to and works alongside clients to right-size opportunities and thoughtfully create managed products that capitalize on opportunities in the energy market. This strategy may include PPAs, VPPAs, hybrid products with open positions, time-of-use arbitrage, and a wide variety of customized solutions for the client.

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