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“Pastors for Texas Children is a ministry serving neighborhood public schools and our financial backing has historically always come from donations and sponsorships. Thanks to our partnership with 5, we have had the privilege to make introductions to numerous public school districts across Texas, which has greatly benefited our organization financially and has furthered our mission of serving Texas public schools. 5 is truly a great organization and we are blessed to call them our friends and partners.”

- Rev. Charles F Johnson, Founder and Executive Director, Pastors for Texas Children

No one is better positioned than 5 to offer comprehensive energy management solutions to commercial, industrial, and government sector clients. Our team desires to help as many people as possible and that is why we turn to our Referral Partners to connect our team with new clients.

The Referral Partner process is simple, straightforward, and ultimately a win-win-win for everyone involved. To get started, a potential Referral Partner connects with our team so that we can learn more about one another and eventually complete an enabling agreement together. Referral Partners do not need energy experience and are not employed by our company. Instead, Referral Partners utilize their personal and professional networks to facilitate introductory meetings with 5’s energy advisory team.

After the introduction is made, our team engages the client directly and the Referral Partner has no further obligations. When a new client engagement is successfully completed, the Referral Partner will earn a commission for the duration of the initial contract term and our team provides complete visibility into the sales process and the related commissions.

Successful Referral Partners come from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds. Referral Partners may operate as individual contributors or they may be part of a larger team, such as a service business, nonprofit, or association. Productive Referral Partners are those who are motivated to proactively help others while receiving additional income for their service.

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