Oil & Gas

“We first reached out to 5 for help in forecasting the ramp-up energy usage for a major client and now we look for their expertise on all electricity-related matters, including understanding market dynamics, identifying cost effective strategies, power purchase contract development, and reviewing and negotiating renewable opportunities.”

Greg Lamberson, Vice President of Planning, Frontier Energy Services, LLC

5 takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing and implementing an energy management strategy that includes procurement, demand-side management, sustainability, and resiliency. In addition to the normal suite of services provided by 5, oil and gas clients have unique energy-related needs and opportunities associated with their operations that require a higher order of expertise. At 5, we assign a team of subject matter experts to help oil and gas clients capitalize on potential opportunities while also limiting their exposure to risk.

Depending on their specific operations and location, oil and gas clients may benefit from the following services:

• Product optimization
• Tax exemption
• Strategic hedging to account for variability
• Financial hedging
• Construction services
• High meter count portfolio management
• ESG strategy creation, implementation, and marketing

5 helps a wide variety of oil and gas clients including natural gas and oil producers, refineries, midstream oil services providers, drilling companies, exploration companies, and more. 5’s oil and gas clients include regional operations and large international corporations, each supported by a team of specialized analysts and advisors with the right combination of technical and operational expertise to offer best-in-class solutions.

When oil and gas clients work with 5, a robust energy strategy becomes a strategic business advantage.

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