"As Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s lead energy consultant for NYSERDA’s Roadmaps program, we helped the client to evaluate the current energy conditions on campus while developing energy and sustainability master plans for the future. We accomplished this through benchmarking, coordinating ASHRAE Level II energy audits, and utilizing the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). NYSERDA has been a supportive partner on this project by providing the initial funding to kickstart the efforts."

- Guy Brooks, Account Manager, 5

Established in 1975, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is a non-profit, public entity that offers analysis, technical expertise, and funding to help homeowners and businesses in New York save money and reduce their energy consumption. NYSERDA also seeks to promote a Clean Energy Economy in New York through the development of renewable power assets that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the reliability of the state’s electricity grid. NYSERDA funds hundreds of energy efficiency projects related to smart building technologies, HVAC systems, and other industrial equipment upgrades, lighting controls, EV charging stations, and workforce training.

5 helps its clients obtain NYSERDA funding to reduce costs through improved energy efficiency. Examples of NYSERDA funds that were facilitated through 5 includes:

  • $1.74M to a major university in the Bronx that included extensive upgrades and energy efficiency improvements to its dormitories and campus facilities and the development of an Energy Master plan.

  • $1.2M to one of the largest private cancer centers in the world, for numerous energy efficiency measures including lighting and HVAC upgrades, a cooling tower replacement, and chilled water optimization to a major medical center.

  • $154K to a biomedical research laboratory in the Washington Heights neighborhood of northern Manhattan, for The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Level II audits, energy and carbon benchmarking, and the development of a sustainability master plan.

5 has a longstanding history of working with NYSERDA on various outreach and incentive programs. Through such programs, some of our roles of working with NYSERDA have included:

  • FlexTech Consultant for our experience conducting general feasibility studies and providing a diverse range of clean energy and energy efficiency services.

  • Independent Contractor for Buildings Outreach team for all healthcare, and higher education facilities to facilitate the implementation of energy-related projects to reduce operating costs, and promote sustainability.

  • Independent Contractor for the REV Campus Challenge which promotes clean energy efforts through the recognition and support of colleges and universities in New York State that implement clean energy projects and principles.

Obtaining governmental grants and providing the necessary progress reports can be daunting at times. With the right partner, however, this can be a simple exercise. 5 works with and supports clients through each step of the process, beginning with a NYSERDA program review to determine the best projects to solicit for funding. 5 then works with NYSERDA and guides the client through the application process to the execution of the project and the subsequent reporting that is required.

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