Consumer Power Advocates

“Consumer Power Advocates intervenes on behalf of non-profit consumers before decisions are made. Without our representation of the consumers, the generators, retailers, and utilities would shape energy policy to their advantage, resulting in the ongoing escalation of energy rates. We are proud to serve our CPA members and all non-profits throughout New York City.”

- Catherine Luthin, Founder & President, Luthin Associates at 5

Consumer Power Advocates (CPA) serves as a regulatory advocate for non-profit institutional organizations in New York. Launched as an initiative by Luthin Associates at the onset of electricity deregulation, CPA continues to thrive today as a part of 5 after the company’s successful acquisition of Luthin Associates in 2019.

Years of experience have shown that non-profits cannot depend on regulatory agencies to fully advocate for their needs and concerns. Representation for non-profits is more important than ever with the continuing rise of energy costs, the importance of system reliability and resiliency, and the significant changes to the structure of energy markets. CPA is an alliance of large, high-load factor, non-profit institutions in New York that, led by 5’s regulatory advocates, seeks to lower energy costs through representation in energy-related proceedings.

CPA represents the interests of non-profits when energy-related legislation can directly affect an organization’s bottom line. Membership is open to hospitals, universities, medical schools, and cultural institutions. CPA holds a seat at the table next to many of the major players in the New York energy markets, including representation at Public Service Commission and NYISO proceedings, utility negotiations and rate cases. Exclusive monthly meetings and briefings for CPA members offer insightful information for important utility and energy-related issues.

Experience has shown that participation in key regulatory and legislative decisions can even provide faster paybacks than some energy efficiency upgrades. CPA intervenes on behalf of non-profit clients before decisions are made that impact energy bills. Without this voice, others such as generators, retail electricity suppliers, and utilities would likely shape energy policy to their advantage without proper consideration for the end-use customers.

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