Battery Storage & Fuel Cells

"5 actively follows emerging technologies that are changing the energy market, both at the utility level and behind our customers’ meters. One example of this progressive approach is our focus on the developing technology in batteries. We are actively exploring deployment options in New York City, offering our large clients a potential energy solution that, if successful, will increase resiliency, reduce peak demand, and support efforts to meet the City’s aggressive climate mandates."

- Jon Moore, Chief Strategy Officer, 5

Batteries and fuel cells are gaining more mainstream attention as clients focus more on decarbonization, resiliency, peak load management, new revenue sources, and creative cost reduction techniques. Batteries allow for the storage of energy when energy prices are attractive or when excess generation exists. Batteries have traditionally been deployed to maintain power quality and reliability in data centers or other critical loads. As battery technology and cost have improved, these systems are increasingly being deployed for economic benefit by either capturing excess solar power generation or shifting on-peak demand to lower priced time periods. Fuel cells work like batteries, but they do not run down or need recharging. Instead, fuel cells produce electricity and heat as long as their electrochemical fuel is supplied.

When evaluating battery storage and fuel cells for clients, 5 takes the time to analyze the client’s historical energy usage, review the details of their operational needs and constraints, and perform a deep dive into their sustainability and resiliency goals. Once a strategy is established, 5 assists the client with proposal reviews and vendor selection to complete the implementation, as well as applications for potential state incentives or federal tax credits. 5 also helps the client with the necessary financial modeling on the front end of the project and the ongoing review and accountability of the asset over time.

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