“We've put our trust in 5 to help us develop and execute our energy sourcing strategy. We believe 5's experience with both complex wholesale transactions and the deregulation of new energy markets in the US and overseas will help us to successfully navigate the opportunities generated by the energy reform."

- Enrique Güijosa, CFO, Liverpool

As the Mexico electricity market began deregulating in 2013, the team at 5 was preparing to help clients and suppliers to navigate this exciting and confusing new opportunity. Prior to deregulation, all clients in Mexico were required to purchase electricity from CFE, the state-owned electric company. Needing expert advice from a team that had been through several market openings before, 5 was perfectly positioned to help Mexico’s largest commercial clients. In 2015, 5 launched a new brand called Energyby5 Mexico, with a local presence in Mexico City and additional resources throughout Mexico and Texas.

5 specializes in the design and implementation of electricity purchasing strategies for clients throughout the country. 5 also supports clients in achieving their renewable goals and managing their financial risk through in-depth modeling and technical advice. Clients are given the visibility necessary to make informed decisions and to share outcomes and impacts. Furthermore, 5 capitalizes on its deep supplier background and contract knowledge to assist clients in reviewing and negotiating elaborate and very specialized supply agreements.

While clients in Mexico continue to face complex regulations, ever-changing politics, and market uncertainty, 5 has been able to successfully execute many clean energy PPAs, on-site generation projects, and cost-effective supply agreements in the new electricity market. The need for 5’s comprehensive energy advice that includes procurement, demand-side management, renewables, and resiliency creates win-win transactions for clients and suppliers alike. Furthermore, 5 actively supports the Mexico market development by sharing best practices for all participants and driving meaningful and measurable impacts for clients.

5 simplifies the deregulated electricity market in Mexico so that clients can properly position themselves to avoid unnecessary risks and capitalize on great opportunities. As the market continues to evolve, 5 will provide the ongoing support and advice that clients have come to know and trust.

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