Energy Efficiency Overview

"Part of the future of any institution is partnerships. That's one of the things that we are realizing more and more and 5 is a great example of that increasing importance of partnerships."

-  Shirley Mullen, PH.D., President, Houghton College

Energy efficiency is the act of using less energy to produce the same work. Improving energy efficiency is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to reduce energy waste while subsequently diminishing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering total energy costs. Becoming more energy efficient is also an easy first step for clients looking to be more intentional about sustainability and decarbonization.

5 helps clients to evaluate potential energy efficiency options from an operational, financial, and environmental standpoint. Common projects and upgrades include LED retrofits, HVAC optimization, pump upgrades, and leading-edge efficiency technologies. In many cases, clients also look to upgrade technology by adding new building controls or optimizing current control system settings. 5’s comprehensive energy advisory approach allows the team to recommend the best strategies for energy efficiency investments while also assisting with energy efficiency rebate administration and processing.

With 5's assistance, clients engaged in energy efficiency measures experience lower energy costs through reductions in both electricity usage and peak demand. A proactive approach to energy efficiency can help clients achieve their sustainability goals while also upgrading critical infrastructure and equipment.

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