Sustainability Overview

“The Empire State Building has always served as a symbol of what is possible, and in the past decade that has extended to include leadership in healthy, sustainable buildings. To ensure that the ‘World’s Most Famous Building’ advances its clean-energy strategies and decarbonization leadership, we trust the advisory team at 5 and their comprehensive approach to the energy value chain, which includes procurement, local law compliance, financial modeling analysis, grid modeling, and renewable expertise.”

– Dana Robbins Schneider, Senior Vice President, Director of Energy, Sustainability & ESG, Empire State Realty Trust
Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present while preserving resources for future generations. The concept of sustainability is composed of three main pillars - economic, environmental, and social. Energy sustainability crosses into each of these three pillars and encompasses every part of the energy value chain.

Through 5’s comprehensive approach to energy management, clients receive the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve and report on their own sustainability goals, including:
  • Decarbonization – Sequestering carbon emissions and through carbon offsets.

  • Energy efficiency – Investing in clean-energy technologies, systems, and controls to reduce power consumption.

  • Reporting assistance – EnergyStar, LEED, Well Building, ASHRAE audits, EPA Green Power Partnership.

  • ESG – Planning and implementation of a Whole Health Energy Plan that encompasses sustainability needs throughout the entire energy value chain.

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