Alternative Fuels

“As clients search for alternatives to natural gas consumption as part of their ESG planning, our team provides in-depth reviews of the emerging technologies along with the in-depth knowledge and modeling necessary to make informed decisions both now and for the future.”

- Eric Bratcher, Senior Zoltar, 5

As the political, social, and economic climates continue to drive towards the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of new, sustainable energy generation methods, alternative fuels are gaining momentum. Alternative fuel sources, such as biogas, are derived from the breakdown of some sort of organic waste. While power generated from biogas certainly reduces greenhouse gas, it may be difficult to achieve economic and operational scalability. Other emerging forms of alternative fuel sources, including renewable natural gas and green hydrogen, are in the early stages of development and not yet economically feasible in most commercial applications. 

5 works closely with clients to understand their ESG goals and ongoing interest in emerging fuel alternatives. Through proactive research, modeling, and vendor discovery, 5 remains plugged-in to the breakthroughs and setbacks of these technologies and, in turn, assists and educates clients in their evolution as well.

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