Tariff Analysis

“The team at 5 has been a huge asset to Spring Creek Towers. We think of them as an extension of our own team and have peace of mind knowing we have experts ready to engage in complex energy matters.”

- Eric Magidson, Chief Financial Officer, Brooksville Company

Clients usually view their utility rates as a static part of their energy expense that cannot be changed because they are governed by local tariffs and approved by each state’s Public Utility Commission. Unfortunately, the limited focus that clients put on utility tariffs overlooks opportunities for unnoticed rate and tariff errors, and negative cost impacts that can last for years. Some issues are caused by human error, including an inaccurate setup for a client’s initial rate class determination. Other issues arise from changes to a client’s load over time without notification to the utility. Larger clients with complicated load profiles should give extra attention to their utility tariffs to ensure accuracy and to consider alternatives when possible.

There are a surprising number of clients that benefit from a tariff analysis completed by a seasoned group of analysts. By leveraging the diverse backgrounds of 5’s team, including experience in pricing, contracting, rate creation, tariff writing, billing, and engineering, clients gain visibility into tariff-related issues and opportunities. After a tariff review is presented to the client, 5 also works with that client’s utility to ensure satisfactory completion of any next steps, whether correcting an issue or capitalizing on an opportunity.

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