Strategic Partnerships

"By combining forces with 5, our team and our clients gained access to a broader suite of resources and technology, along with a deep bench of talent across the energy spectrum. It is a significant advantage for all of our clients who now have the best-in-class team of advisors, analysts, engineers, and executives immersed in their business, identifying cutting edge solutions to effectively and efficiently manage their energy."

- Catherine Luthin, President, Luthin Associates

There are many client opportunities that require the combined efforts of a team with sophisticated analysis tools and deep industry experience, like 5. When other energy consultants, brokers, and service providers find themselves in need of assistance with situations that are either too large or too complicated for their own abilities, they often combine forces with 5 to form a Strategic Partnership.

In a Strategic Partnership, 5 assists the partner with the necessary steps to deliver best-in-class solutions and service. Partnerships may only be limited to one geography or even one client, but most expand overtime to include a larger set of complex clients once the partner experiences the robust solutions and style of the 5 team.

There is a wide variety of options and setups available for new Strategic Partnerships at 5. 

Contact Us to learn how we can help you to better serve your clients together.

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