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"At The Beck Group we are about creating teams from all disciplines with a singular focus of exceeding expectations on every project. We work with only the best and 5 has shown an uncanny ability to navigate the complex utility world to keep our costs low and projects on-time."

- Greg Brock, Director of MEP Services, The Beck Group

Complex construction projects require timely completion for new gas and electricity service. Setting up temporary construction power can often delay projects as each gas and electric utility operates under its own set of tariffs, processes, rules, and timing requirements. Additionally, construction project managers often do not have the necessary time, resources, or expertise to ensure utility services are set up and transitioned to the new building owner as projects are completed.

5 provides construction services to both general contractors on design-build construction projects and to clients that are expanding and building new facilities. In both instances, 5 is brought in as a part of the construction management team to provide the necessary planning and to serve as a liaison with the local utility. 5 works directly with architects, engineers, and general contractors to establish utility services that are coordinated with construction project timelines and in compliance with municipal inspection requirements.  

5 supports construction operations in both regulated and deregulated utility service areas. In deregulated service territories, 5 is often able to obtain better temporary power rates, which can significantly lower construction costs. 5’s familiarity with utilities and suppliers creates a competitive advantage for general contractors who are able to save time, eliminate delays, and adhere to strict project deadlines.

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