Resiliency Planning


“Without your help, we would have probably made an uninformed decision that would have been viewed poorly by our constituents. We now believe that PJPA will be a beacon of how to do what is right in the design, bid, build world in which we both function.”

- Bill Papp, Chairman, Ponderosa Joint Power Authority (PJPA)

Energy resilience is about ensuring a business has a reliable, regular supply of energy, and contingency measures in place in the event of a power failure. Most businesses do not prioritize resiliency planning until after they have experienced major disruptive events like extreme weather, power surges, natural disasters, and equipment failures. Resiliency plans should be customized to a specific client’s needs and may include a diverse set of options including distributed generation, microgrids, battery storage, fuel cells, combined heat and power, electrical infrastructure improvements, and more.

5 works closely with clients to review and recommend various resiliency strategies as part of a comprehensive approach to energy management. This proven process begins with an analysis of the client’s historical energy usage, an inspection of the client’s available space to accommodate resiliency options at each location, and an in-depth review of their sustainability and operational goals. 5 provides oversight throughout any installation or upgrade including financial analysis and impact modeling to understand how the new resiliency resources and plans will impact the other areas of the energy value chain. Once a strategy is established, 5 assists the client with proposal reviews and vendor selection to complete the implementation.

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