Con Edison Project Management


“Our partnership with 5 has enabled us to manage our exposure to volatile energy markets and to identify several other ways to reduce our expenses. Their guidance has also helped us prepare for New York’s future energy state and focus on sustainability.”

- John Lembo, VP of Facilities Management, RiverSpring Living

Project coordination and management with Con Edison in New York City can be both challenging and intimidating for many clients. It is essential to have an advocate who understands how to interact with the utility to facilitate timely and accurate project completion. Metering issues, tariff and rate analysis, familiarity with various utility incentives for businesses, and payback analyses all require a high degree of coordination and knowledge. As new projects near completion, proper interconnection plans become crucial and a failure to manage and coordinate energy projects with Con Edison will create significant delays and cost overruns.

Serving more than 5% of the electric load in New York City, 5 has a tenured team with decades of experience working closely with Con Edison on a wide variety of projects. In fact, 5’s team has included many team members that were former energy project managers at Con Edison, a significant and unique advantage that has paid dividends for our clients. 5’s extensive experience with Con Edison in project management ensures that projects are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner and that all of the necessary testing, inspection, and approvals are completed as well.

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