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“We found a great partner in 5 to help us manage the district’s energy costs. Their team has helped us with everything from electricity procurement to identifying power factor correction opportunities. We are grateful for this relationship, which has paid dividends to both the school district and the communities we serve.”

- Adam Rich, Assistant Superintendent, Killeen ISD

5’s comprehensive approach to energy management, including procurement, demand-side management, sustainability, and resiliency, allows clients to turn energy management into a strategic advantage. For public entities including cities, school and counties, there are often specific needs that require special expertise to capitalize on opportunities while also minimizing risk.

Depending on the details of the operations and location for a city, school, or county, the following additional services may be utilized:

• High meter count portfolio management
• Weekly turn-on and turn-off requests
• New streetlight review to determine the best ownership option (city vs utility)
• Construction services, temporary poles, meter setting, utility coordination, green tagging
• Compliant bid processing
• Power factor correction
• Coincident peak management
• Unique time-of-use rate structures to account for water pumping and other off-peak loads
• Annual budgeting and reporting
• ESG strategy creation, implementation, and marketing

5 serves hundreds of public entities that range from small school districts to large cities and everything in between. Each of 5’s public clients are supported by a team of specialized analysts and advisors with the right combination of technical and operational expertise to offer best-in-class solutions.

Cities, schools, and counties that work with 5 are able to reduce and control energy costs while also being good stewards of the public funding they receive.

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