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“At The Beck Group we are about creating teams from all disciplines with a singular focus of exceeding expectations on every project. We work with only the best and 5 has shown an uncanny ability to navigate the complex utility world to keep our costs low and projects on-time.“

- Greg Brock, Director of MEP Services, The Beck Group

5 takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing and implementing an energy management strategy that includes procurement, demand-side management, sustainability, and resiliency. In addition to the normal suite of services provided by 5, construction service clients have unique energy-related needs and opportunities associated with their operations that require special expertise. At 5, we assign a team of subject matter experts to help construction management firms with their unique energy-related needs.

Depending on their specific operations and location, construction management clients may benefit from the following services:

• Load profiling and proxy load creation for pricing and forecasting
• Communication among clients, architects, engineering firms, suppliers, cities, and utilities
• Rate optimization
• Temporary pole setting, meter installations, green tagging
• Special contract language
• ESG strategy creation, implementation, and marketing

5 provides construction services to both general contractors on design-build construction projects and to clients that are expanding and building new facilities. In both instances, 5 is brought in as a part of the construction management team to provide the necessary planning and to serve as a liaison with the local utility. 5 works directly with architects, engineers, and general contractors to establish utility services that are coordinated with construction project timelines, and in compliance with municipal inspection requirements.

5 supports construction operations in both regulated and deregulated utility service areas. In deregulated service territories, 5 can often obtain better temporary power rates, which can significantly lower construction costs. And in both regulated and deregulated utilities, 5’s familiarity with utilities and suppliers creates a competitive advantage for general contractors who can save time, eliminate delays, and adhere to strict project deadlines.

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