Bill Audit & Review

“At Accredo we pride ourselves on being innovative and finding solutions for our clients that others cannot. We partnered with 5 because they share the same passion to go the extra mile to create value for their clients. The money they found due to the bill error is something we never would have caught on our own and a great bonus to their service.”

- Rex Varn, Executive Vice President, Accredo Packing Inc. 

While many clients try to reduce their energy bills by focusing on energy efficiency projects, savings may also be obtained through the identification and correction of billing errors. Once an electricity or natural gas agreement is signed, 5’s team reviews and audits the initial set of invoices for accuracy, ensuring the rate and billing components on the invoice match the agreed-upon details from the contract.

5 has developed an audit and review process that has recovered millions of dollars in erroneous charges. Some errors, such as an incorrect rate used to calculate monthly bills or an incorrect billing address, are relatively easy to resolve. In other instances, missing invoices or extended delays in invoicing can create significant difficulties for a client’s accounting team. Regardless of the magnitude of the error, 5’s team serves as the client advocate with the utility and retail energy supplier to identify and resolve any kind of billing discrepancy.

When more robust billing audit solutions are required, 5 partners with highly qualified third-party vendors. Using a process similar to the due diligence for potential energy suppliers, 5 identifies and reviews potential vendors to partner with our clients that require more comprehensive and rigorous invoice audits.

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