Utility Bill Management

When clients begin working with 5, they quickly realize that there is something special about their experience. 5 is a comprehensive energy advisory firm and we care about every step of the process, from completing long term renewable purchases to helping clients with bill consolidation and payment needs. Our team brings unmatched enthusiasm and experience to each client engagement.”

- Cady Thomas, Pit Boss, 5

We understand that managing utility bills can be complex and time-consuming. That's why we offer our specialized Utility Bill Management (UBM) service to help streamline and optimize your utility bill payment processes.

How We Simplify Your Utility Payments

  • Streamlined Bill Payment: 5 take over the transmission of your utility bills to our trusted UBM service provider, ensuring payments are processed efficiently and accurately.
  • Dedicated Bill Management Team: A specialist from our Bill Management Team will be assigned to manage your day-to-day operations, serving as a liaison between you and the service provider.
  • Reduced Service Disruptions: Our proactive approach helps significantly reduce the occurrence of service interruptions, late fees, and payment application errors. We also handle the initiation and closure of service accounts for you.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Control: Our service provides a clear view of the bill payment process, with detailed bill data exports for full visibility into your general ledger.
  • Categorized Expenses: Expenses are sorted neatly by location, business unit, customer, utility, and service type, making tracking and reporting a breeze.
  • Precision Billing Data: With UBM, you get accurate billing data that helps prevent late fees, service shut-offs, and unexpected disputes.
  • Diverse Service Management: We manage a wide array of service types including electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash, telecom, fuel oil, propane, and more.
  • Accessible Online Portal: Our web-based portal is available 24/7, allowing you to access all billing information, view payments, and run detailed reports at your convenience.
  • Centralized Processing: We provide centralized processing, handle daily mail delivery, customer mail, and perform high-speed invoice scanning.
  • Bill Analysis: While our UBM takes care of your payment processes, our team is still available for bill analysis services based on your procurement needs.

Partnering with 5 for your Utility Bill Management means more than just paying bills. It's about gaining peace of mind, control, and efficiency in how your utility services are managed.  

Contact Us to learn to learn more about how 5 can help you streamline your utility bill management.

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