Eric Bratcher

Chief Risk Officer




Eric Bratcher

Eric has worked in the deregulated energy market since 1999 and has tremendous experience in data analytics, pricing, load forecasting, and strategy development. Eric adds irreplaceable value to 5’s stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, and team members, through his aptitude for problem-solving and his desire to educate others. Since joining the team in 2012 as the head of 5’s analytics team, aka the Z-team, Eric has raised the bar for what clients expect from their energy advisory team.

In his role as Chief Risk Officer, Eric advises 5’s clients and team members on product structuring and operational solutions, and leads a team of market analysts. Eric embodies the spirit of the entire team at 5, a group of highly experienced professionals who go beyond the services of traditional brokers by delving into data and converting the resulting information into actionable strategies that positively impact clients’ bottom lines.

Before joining 5, Eric served as Director of Pricing and Load Forecasting at First Choice Power, where he developed and managed commercial and mass-market pricing and load forecasting models for the business. His vast understanding of the wholesale electricity market began with his work in risk management and wholesale settlements for TXU Energy and as a settlements analyst for a natural gas conglomerate prior to deregulation. Because his background spans from start-up retailers to Fortune 500 companies, Eric brings an expertise that is both wide and deep.

Eric received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Eric’s Why: “We knew the value gap we were going to fill: We educate and inform first. Successful navigation of the energy market starts with analytics and understanding the clients’ needs. Without those two things, we would not be able to provide the best possible solutions to clients.”

Fun Fact: Eric is the drummer in his church band at Fellowship of the Parks in Justin, Texas, and the drummer of 5’s internal band, N-CINCO.