Anuniti Amireddy

Pit Crew, The Energizer




Anuniti Amireddy

Anuniti Amireddy is a dedicated energy engineer with a passion for improving the planet. As The Energizer at 5, Anuniti wears many hats and works tirelessly to educate our clients and her teammates. She utilizes her technical skills to demonstrate actionable ways that clients can save energy and lower operating costs at their facilities, especially commercial and industrial buildings, and provides on-going engineering support to ensure that strategies are implemented to the client’s satisfaction.

Anuniti has always been a 5er, even before she joined the firm. During her first interview, she made it clear that 5’s unique culture was completely aligned with her personal style and then continued to impress the team as she solidified her role. Her story since joining 5 is a great one to hear and it includes working from many parts of the world and waking up each morning to swim in the ocean before work. 

Anuniti graduated from San Francisco State University with an MS in Energy Systems Engineering and from Pune University (India) with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree. She currently lives in Portugal with her husband.

Anuniti’s Why: “There are two reasons why I enjoy working at 5. One is because of the people, it’s the people that take care of you so much and who understand what you need. The second reason is women in strong leadership positions. This has unintentionally been a very important part for me because when I was in electrical engineering there were only a few women in my class, but when I took up my master’s degree in Energy Systems, it was just me. WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN THE ENERGY INDUSTRY!”