Taylor Duncan

Northeast Business Leader




Taylor Duncan

When Taylor first joined 5 in 2012 as an Energy Advisor, her business development background provided a thorough understanding of what it takes to deliver high-value advice and ongoing account support to clients. She continues to leverage this expertise today in her expanded role as an executive leader. 

As Northeast Business Leader, Taylor leads 5’s Northeastern region, including the integration and management of Luthin Associates and BidURenergy, two  top-tier energy consulting firms acquired by 5 in 2019 and 2023 respectively. She remains focused on expanding 5’s service to clients while also developing the team throughout the greater Northeast.

Before joining 5, Taylor served as an Energy Advisor for Tradition Energy, a large energy management firm with offices throughout the US and abroad. Taylor’s personal curiosity and tenacity led to early career success as she was able to gain new clients’ trust and deliver a meaningful impact to their bottom line.

Taylor received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin. She has been actively involved in volunteerism since college and currently serves on the board of her kids’ PTA and is active in public education advocacy. She is the mother of four young children, a geriatric dog, and a partner to a talented musician.

Taylor’s Why: “I love humans and I love working with others to push what’s possible, both in the energy industry and in business culture. We hire and nurture the best professionals in the industry, leading to breakthrough energy advice and a culture that’s unmatched in our space. We constantly push the limits and seek to set a higher bar, for ourselves as employees and for our clients.”

Fun Fact: I have a unique knack for butchering common figures of speak. “Draw a steak in the ground”, “Pour gasoline on the engine”, and “Kick a gift horse in the mouth” are all phrases that I’ve unintentionally spoiled. If you listen carefully, you just might find a hidden nugget, too.