Michael Clifton

Lead Engineer, Special Teams Captain



Michael Clifton

When Michael Clifton first applied to be a summer intern with 5, the team was impressed by his engineering background and curious to hear about his experiences as an Auburn football player. It was immediately apparent that Michael was a perfect fit for his new team, 5. That summer he joined the Pit Crew, our back-office operations team, and went to work on solving complex problems for clients and enabling advisors to help more businesses with the tools he built.

After graduation, Michael joined 5 full-time as the Special Teams Captain, a unique role that allowed him to contribute on many fronts including engineering services, coding, technical sales, and problem-solving through automation and updating processes. Michael was an integral part of 5’s growth and culture. A few years into his job, Michael married the love of his life and they moved back to Alabama, effectively ending his time at 5. That was until the 2020 pandemic changed the nature of remote work for everyone.

In the fall of 2020, there was talk of trying to find a candidate to fill the open “Michael Clifton Role” at 5. Eventually, the team realized that Michael Clifton was the best candidate and a few months later, he was back on the bus, this time joining as the Lead Engineer (and still the Special Team Captain).

In his new role, Michael serves as the point of contact for the additional services that 5 provides to clients as part of our comprehensive approach to energy management. Additionally, Michael oversees the identification, planning, and production of new tools that are needed to assist the team and our clients as we continue to provide additional value.

Michael received a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Nuclear Power Generation Systems from Auburn University. He lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife and dog.