Julia Smith

Senior Energy Advisor




Julia Smith

Julia Smith has a long history of striving for excellence and achieving breakthrough results in a team-based environment. In fact, Julia was very driven from an early age and through her dedication and focus, earned a spot on the women’s soccer team at the University of Toledo. While balancing life as a student-athlete, Julia also double-majored and found that she excelled in the university’s Professional Sales Program.

After graduation, Julia went to work for Hess Corporation in New Jersey as an Account Manager and found that once again, her commitment to teamwork and her desire to contribute led to a tremendous start in the deregulated energy industry. When Hess was acquired by Direct Energy, Julia found herself in exciting roles with even more business development opportunities. Julia’s clients know that she is always looking out for their best interests and is excited about the opportunity to educate and support their energy-related needs. Her passion for clients eventually led her to seek a new role where she could provide a more comprehensive solution as an energy advisor.

At 5, Julia supports her clients in every aspect of their energy management plan, including procurement, demand-side management, sustainability, and resiliency. She continues to help others make smart energy decisions and better understand the energy markets utilizing 5's technology and the expertise of the team. She loves to build and nurture personal relationships while providing energy insights that are useful and made simple by 5.

Julia received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing as well as a bachelor’s degree in Professional Sales from The University of Toledo’s Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales. She lives in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, with her husband and two children.