Jeff Shoaf

Central Business Leader



Jeff Shoaf

Jeff Shoaf has been a leader and innovator in the energy industry since the Texas market deregulated. The depth and breadth of his experience with energy supply companies and consulting organizations have helped thousands of commercial and industrial energy customers across North America. Jeff joined 5 following a variety of energy leadership and business development roles. His success in leading organizations and assisting clients, as well as his strategic work in the industry, contributes to the growth and expansion of 5.

Immediately prior to joining 5, Jeff served as the President of Hudson Energy, where he led over 100 employees across the US and Canada, including multiple sales channels, operations, pricing, contracting, and customer service teams. Jeff began his energy career with Reliant Energy in the early 2000s where he performed data analytics before transitioning into direct and indirect sales positions. Ultimately, he assumed greater responsibilities where he led sales teams focused on larger commercial and industrial clients in addition to indirect, third-party sales channels. Jeff was then recruited by Spark Energy to grow their commercial electricity and natural gas division as the VP of Sales.

Shifting to the consulting side of the energy industry, Jeff assumed responsibility for all activities of Amerex Energy Services, a consulting firm serving large electricity and natural gas clients across North America. Subsequently, Jeff led NextEra Energy’s M&A efforts in the consulting space, where he was instrumental in their successful acquisition of a New England advisory firm.

Jeff began his professional career in the industrial water purification industry after graduating with a BS in Chemistry from Furman University, and his MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. He lives in Houston with his wife and two children.

Jeff’s Why: “I truly love working with and helping people. Helping clients find the best solutions for their energy needs is incredibly satisfying. I also get a great deal of satisfaction in helping my team members in any way that will help them be successful. I love being part of a team that is working together towards a common mission, where everyone is honest and transparent with no agendas other than achieving our objectives for the good of the team.”

Fun Fact: I’m not very predictable. My two favorite hobbies are golfing, and obstacle course racing and I can rock out to Nine Inch Nails and Taylor Swift. I can be completely content alone or be the last guy at the party. I also like to throw on nice clothes when necessary but always prefer a t-shirt and flip-flops.