Cady Thomas 

Chief Operating Officer




Cady Thomas

Cady’s work in the energy industry began as a Sales Support Analyst for First Choice Power shortly before she joined 5 as the company’s first employee in late 2011. She accepted the job knowing that she’d be asked to play a pivotal role in the creation of 5’s unique company culture.

As Chief Operating Officer, Cady leads the Pit Crew, the operational hub of the company, along with other key initiatives for 5. She is responsible for managing the company’s processes and interactions with key stakeholders including suppliers, utilities, vendors, and the internal team as well. The Pit Crew handles thousands of requests each week including custom analytics, retail pricing, and deal structuring, ongoing client service, and automation, while also ensuring the seamless flow of information and communications among team members and clients.

Cady provides strategic vision and oversight for the company’s culture, communications, and process improvement. In a company where culture comes first, Cady’s optimistic attitude, tenacity, and willingness to serve are felt throughout the organization.

Cady received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Business Administration. She also serves as a Vestry member for St. Vincent’s Anglican Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas.

Cady’s Why: “The idea of changing the way business is done is what gets me up in the morning. Creating a company, and eventually, an industry, where people ‘get’ to come to work because they love what they do and who they do it with will create waves for future generations, including my daughters.”