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Coincident Peak Alert for NYISO and PJM, July 27-31, 2020

July 27, 2020



Temperatures in New York City are expected to remain in the mid-90s throughout Monday. Even though precipitation is likely in the 7-10 day range, it is expected that Monday (7/27) will approach the year-to-date system peak of 29,979 MW which was set last Monday (7/20).

As of now, it is projected that a new system peak will be set on Monday (7/27) between 4:00 -7:00 PM by a very narrow margin:

  • Current Summer 2020 Coincident Peak – 29,979 MW
  • Forecasted Peak on Monday 7/27 – 30,397 MW at Hour Ended 17
  • Forecasted % increase to 2020 CP – 1.4%

NYISO cp alert july 27

Figure 1: NYISO - Daily Forecast and Actual MW, by 5


Similar to NYISO, the 7-day forecast in PJM calls for higher-than-normal temperatures and strong electric demand throughout the region. Monday's forecasted PJM peak is 142,669 MW, which would result in 7/27 being a top-3 CP (Coincident Peak) so far in 2020. Curtailment efforts will be best targeted to the hours between 4-7 PM on these days. It is expected that precipitation later in the week will cool things off and reduce grid demand to lower levels.  

Current PJM 2020 Coincident Peaks:

  • 7/20       145,704 MW
  • 7/9         144,272 MW
  • 7/6         142,186 MW
  • 7/21       141,618 MW
  • 7/8         139,350 MW

PJM cp alert july 27

Figure 2: PJM - Forecast and Actual MW, by 5

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