Texas Broker Disclosure Statement

5 is a registered broker (number BR190044) with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). 5 is not an affiliate of any Retail Electric Provider (REP) and works independently to serve the energy advisory needs of clients throughout the United States and Mexico.

Mailing address and contact information:

4545 Fuller Drive, Suite 412
Irving, TX 75038

5 provides clients with energy advisory services covering a broad spectrum of energy related topics including procurement, demand-side analytics, bill review, bill auditing, rate analysis, budgeting, benchmarking, demand-response, renewables, energy efficiency, on-site/distributed generation, regulatory compliance, power quality, sales tax recovery, and more. 5’s brokerage commissions are generally included in the REP (aka “supplier”) offers gathered by 5 and presented to the client. In some instances, 5 is paid a fixed retainer directly by the client.

5’s advisory service begins when the client authorizes 5 to receive a client’s energy usage data. A client can terminate an existing advisory relationship at any time by providing written notice to 5. Unless a termination fee is agreed in writing, there is no fee for terminating an agreement to provide energy advisory services. Upon termination of an advisory relationship, 5 may continue to be paid commissions by suppliers for transactions that were executed on the client’s behalf prior to the
termination of the advisory relationship.

Please contact our service representatives at email5@energyby5.com for inquiries and complaints, to discuss charges on bills or any other aspect of our advisory services, to terminate an agreement to provide advisory services, and to transact any other pertinent business.

The PUCT’s telephone number for complaints and inquiries is 512-936-7003. The PUCT’s email
address is customer@puc.texas.gov.

This Broker Disclosure Statement is provided to you as required by the PUCT and is for your information only.
This Disclosure Statement does not need to be executed by you and/or returned to 5. If you have any questions on the information provided above, please contact us by phone or email.