Our Culture

“We are very intentional about every part of our culture and the results speak for themselves. Our team is highly aligned and loosely controlled, leading to a workplace where employees are excited to come to work each day as we strive to achieve a common vision and ultimately improve the lives of every stakeholder.”

-Jeff Schiefelbein, Chief Culture Officer, 5

When we set out to improve the entire deregulated energy industry, while also making our mark on the very nature of how business is done, we knew that we would need to be intentional about every aspect of our culture to make an impact of this magnitude. We aimed to create a company culture that acknowledges the dignity and contribution of every team member, while also winning on the scoreboard of business through growth, innovation, and profit.

We strive to be Level 5 in all that we do.

A level 5 culture transcends competition and noise, focusing instead on “what’s possible.” High performance Level 5 teams experience breakthrough moments where the collective skills, creativity, and energy of the team produce new results not previously achieved by others. A level 5 tribe is transformative to all stakeholders. This includes obvious groups like clients, employees, and suppliers, but also includes the environment, employees’ families, the local community, and even competitors.

Businesses are usually limited by the conventional expectations of others. We experienced similar skepticism when we set out to disrupt the energy brokerage space by creating an advisory firm staffed with industry executives and technical experts. We were told that a company like ours had no reason to hire load forecasting analysts, engineers, technologists, and a host of other specialty jobs. Most naysayers simply lacked the vision to see the value that would be created by such a powerful team.

We are honored to share our culture with individuals and companies looking to make a similar impact in their industry. For more resources, check out the culture section of our blog, read about our Mission and Values, and join the book club conversations.