Rockwell Cooley

Energy Advisor




Rockwell Cooley

As an Energy Advisor at 5, Rockwell Cooley is a powerful part of the company’s presence throughout the Northeast region. Rockwell’s ability to help clients stems from her long-standing industry experience, dating back to 2003. Furthermore, having served clients from both the supplier side and the consultant side, Rockwell serves clients with a well-rounded approach and a robust set of tools.

Before joining 5, Rockwell worked in business development for Direct Energy and Constellation Energy. After seven years on the supplier side, she began the next phase of her energy career by supporting clients through different consulting firms. Rockwell worked at LPB Energy Management and Adjunct Energy, where she was the Director of Sales.

Rockwell received a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Essex College in Baltimore, Maryland. Rockwell loves to be involved in the community, having volunteered for many years with the Girl Scouts and previously serving as a Board Member for the New York City Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America.

Rockwell’s Why: “I love meeting new people, building friendships, and making connections, one client at a time! Becoming a part of 5 is a way for me to help other businesses optimize their financial health by managing their energy spend, which is often one of the largest operating costs.”