Matthew B. Shaw

Technology Director, Lead Code Buster




Matt Shaw

Technology is a major catalyst for 5’s success. As the creator and architect of its technology platform, Matt plays a vital role in the company’s growth trajectory.

Matt joined the 5 team in 2014 to transform business operations with the conception, design, and management of the company’s proprietary technology, Level5. This platform streamlines 5’s entire value chain from marketing and operations to accounting and executive reporting. Level5 provides faster and better analytics, saves time, and improves accuracy and transparency.

Level5 integrates real-time data with market and weather information, which helps clients and analysts to visualize energy opportunities. The platform also helps 5 to craft well-formed strategies related to cost reductions and efficiencies while allowing team members to continuously review impacts and make adjustments as needed.

As Director of Technology, Matt serves as the chief designer of technology solutions for 5. In that role, he developed and executed a compelling product vision and strategy. Matt also attracted, mentored, and retained talent, and he now leads a highly creative, problem-solving team of coders. Matt continues to drive product insights, roadmap prioritization, and resource allocation.

Before joining 5, Matt worked as an Energy Consultant for Reliable Power Alternatives Corp. He analyzed natural gas and electricity markets to develop corporate risk management strategies and served as the firm’s analytical technology lead. He started his career with Joule Assets, Inc., a technology firm delivering SAAS solutions for electricity grid participants.

Matt received his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Economics from New York University.

Matt’s Why: “I love to solve problems. We have hundreds of millions of data points, billions of dollars worth of transactions, and I get the pleasure of figuring out how to organize it all into digestible information that drives smart decisions. I get up in the morning happy to make life easier and better for all stakeholders and to lead the best Dev Team in the industry.”