Mary McCarthy

Pit Crew, Customer Service Queen



Mary McCarthy

Mary Vela McCarthy is one of those unforgettable people who makes a positive impression on everyone she meets. And if curiosity is any measure of intelligence, Mary may be one of the smartest humans we know!

Mary grew up in Mexico City. She got her BA in Political Science and Public Administration from El Colegio de México and did post-baccalaureate studies at Notre Dame, Harvard, and Yale (yup, you read that correctly). Before working at 5, Mary had several interesting jobs including work in banking, telecommunications, the Mexican Federal Congress, policy evaluation, and more.

She started working as a member of the Pit Crew, our back-office operations team, in September 2017. In this capacity, she serves as the primary interface between our energy advisors and our supply partners in processing countless transactions and resolving customer service issues.

Mary not only has an insatiable curiosity about everything, but she also has an innate drive to serve others. Since she was 15, Mary performed missionary work in rural villages in Mexico supporting remote communities that sometimes lack even running water. After spending a few years at 5’s headquarters in Irving, Texas, Mary moved back to Mexico City to be near family while supporting the company’s operations throughout North America. Best of all, Mary continues to give back, serving those most in need through her missionary work.

Mary received a Fox International Fellowship from Yale University focused on Political Science and Government, she spent a semester studying as a Special Student Graduate at Harvard University, and she also received a Specialization in Advanced Social, Economic, and Political Studies from Notre Dame University.