Dileep Prabhakar

Senior Energy Advisor, Sustainability Shark




Dileep Prabhakar

Dileep Prabhakar strives to help everyone he meets through his unique ability to combine empathy, education, and effort. Having served as an energy trader and analyst in the late 1990s, Dileep was primed and ready to apply his experiences to help others when the energy markets began to deregulate. Dileep’s first experience was a great one, serving as a pricing analyst at the very beginning of Constellation’s initial drive to become the dominant player in commercial power in North America.

Years later, Dileep moved on to become a Power Marketer at TransCanada and then a Senior Energy Advisor on the brokerage side with Tradition Energy. Having a wide array of experiences on the supplier and brokers sides of the business, in addition to his diverse background in back-office operations and front-line sales, Dileep has been able to deliver comprehensive energy management solutions to clients throughout the nation as a Senior Energy Advisor for 5.

Upon joining the team at 5 and experiencing the focus on clients and the internal company culture, Dileep remarked “I was always a 5er, I just didn’t know it until now.”

Dileep has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and kids. He and his family enjoy volunteering together at the Hockomock YMCA foodbank on weekends.