Chris Dillemuth

Senior Energy Advisor




Chris Dillemuth

Before joining 5, Chris Dillemuth had already spent more than 30 years helping clients in and around New York City with energy-related matters. Chris brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, and a passion for serving clients.

Chris began his energy career working for Hess Corporation in 1990 and quickly established himself as a leading natural gas advisor and executive account manager for large clients. With the onset of electricity deregulation in the late 90s, Chris eventually managed the company’s largest book of natural gas and electric clients throughout the Greater New York City area. Chris continued to expand his service offerings after Direct Energy acquired Hess Corporation in 2014, achieving an exceptional balance of growth and client retention.

In addition to commodity procurement management, Chris brings additional value to the clients that he has helped for many years with other services including demand-side strategies, sustainability strategies, and guidance on local law compliance.

Chris received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University and lives in New Jersey with his wife.