Andrea Marín Monterrubio

General Director, Mexico




Andrea Marin

Andrea Marín joined 5 in 2017 to promote competitiveness and educate end-user clients throughout Mexico. In her role as General Director, Andrea is responsible for developing and managing the overall business, including oversight of strategic planning, business development, and operations.

Before 5, Andrea worked for an electricity supplier and natural gas marketer, in a business development role. She also has extensive experience in the regulatory and reform movements within Mexico, having worked for the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources, as well as several firms as an independent advisory and law clerk.

Andrea has a Bachelor of Law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in Mexico City and a master’s degree in Sustainable Water Management from the University of Zaragoza in Spain. She is a member of Mujeres en Energía Renovable Mexico (Women in Renewable Energy, Mexico), which empowers women in the energy sector. Andrea was also a founding member of Young Energy Professionals Mexico.

Andrea’s Why: “I want to change the industry in Mexico. Having worked for a supplier very recently after deregulation, I saw the importance of energy advisors. We provide financial, technical, and regulatory visibility for end users so that they can make informed decisions. We engender trust among our clients, which builds our business. That growth yields more liquidity, which drives competitiveness and better market conditions, which are the ultimate goals of energy reform. 5 is an essential player in the development of this new market.”